A Different Kind of Custom Closet Company

Hare & Hound Closets provides high quality, simple, and affordable closet systems tailored to the space and requirements of our customers. Our unique design and installation set us apart from other custom closet companies.  We are a local, family owned business, that prides itself in manufacturing our closets at our woodshop in Quinton, NJ.

Design/Build Philosophy

#1 - Quality:  Durable materials and smart design is the foundation. 
#2 - Functionality:  Increase organization, space utilization, and aesthetic appearance.
#3 - Simplicity:  Minimize complexity while maintaining goals.
#4 - Value:  Achieve goals #1-3 in the most efficient manner. 

Why Our Design Is Better

Canadian Made TFL Panels
The panels we use are Canadian made, 3/4” thick, thermally fused laminate (TFL).  See manufacturer website, www.tafisa.com. We use a 1 mm thick band on the edges.   Some companies use 5/8” thick material with 0.5 mm thick band on the edges leading to bowed shelves and pealing edges.
3/4″ Thick 1 mm Edge / 5/8″ 0.5mm Edge
Full Thickness 3/4” Back Panels
Most custom closet companies do not use back panels.  We use the same 3/4" thick material on our back panels, an integral part of our design.  The benefits of a back panel are numerous for the following reasons: 
Optional Bottom Shelf
Most closet systems must have the bottom toe kick and shelf for structural integrity.  Our robust design maintains complete structural integrity without the need for a bottom shelf.  In some closets, especially pantry closets, it is often better to leave out the bottom shelf for larger items.
With Bottom Shelf / Without Bottom Shelf
No Loose Shelves
Our adjustable Shelves are fully secured.  They do not just rest on top of pins.  Having a shelf rest on pins makes it prone to tipping or pulling out.

Examples of Our Designs/Installations and General Pricing

To provide maximum affordability and a short lead time we are currently only offering white.  The majority of customers choose white for their closet renovation. 

Locations Served

New Jersey:  Salem, Gloucester, and Cumberland Counties
Delaware: New Castle County